Iona Tangri


"Frost/Nixon" by Peter Morgan

Wednesday 12 October - Saturday 15 October 2016

The year is 1977. The man is Richard Nixon. The rest is history.

Position: Tech Assistant

"The Effect " by Lucy Prebble

Wednesday 19 October - Thursday 20 October 2016

The Effect seeks to cure our medical industry; it’s love in a petri-dish; it’s the chemistry of chemistry.

Position: Tech Assistant

"Charlie and the Chocolate Panto" by Jacob Close

Wednesday 30 November - Saturday 03 December 2016

‘Enter a world of pure imagination.’ Misfortune. Slave uprisings. Murder most foul. What connects them all? That’s r...

Position: Technical Assistant

"Bedlam Festival 2017 Presents: The Bald Soprano " by Eugène Ionesco

Monday 23 January - Thursday 26 January 2017

“An English evening. The English clock struck 17 English strokes.” Mr and Mrs Smith attempt to have a dinner party, a...

Position: Technical Manager

"The Diary of Anne Frank" by Frances Goodrich and Abert Hackett, adapted by Wendy Kesselman

Monday 06 February - Sunday 12 February 2017

"I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart."

Position: Technical Manager

"Kitchen Sink (The Fear of Falling Apart)" by Sophie Sood

Wednesday 22 March 2017

“You don’t have to lie or pretend everything is alright when it isn’t. You can’t do it all on your own. I’ve got your...

Position: Technical Manager

"Isaac's Eye " by Lucas Hnath

Thursday 06 April - Saturday 15 April 2017

“There are also things that are true, lots of things, even things that are true that don’t sound true but are true.”

Position: Technical Manager

"Bedlam Fringe 2017" by Conor Marlborough

Friday 04 August - Monday 28 August 2017

LED Parcans!

Position: Assistant Technican

Welcome Week 2017: Intro to Set

Thursday 14 September 2017

Come to bedlam for a workshop on building and designing sets for theatre productions! We’ll be looking at previous se...

Position: Set Manager

"Tom at the Farm" by Michel Marc Bouchard

Wednesday 07 February - Saturday 10 February 2018

On a remote dairy farm in the backwaters of Canada, Tom becomes a pawn in a family’s dangerous, grief-fuelled journey...

Position: Set Designer

"Our Country's Good" by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Monday 26 February - Saturday 03 March 2018

‘Theatre is an expression of civilisation’ Set in Botany Bay in 1789, Our Country’s Good tells the true story of the...

Position: Conversion Manager

"Bedlam Fringe 2018" by Esmee Cook

Friday 03 August - Monday 27 August 2018

Reskinning with Ply!

Position: Tech Manager

"Pippin" by Stephen Schwartz & Roger Hirson

Tuesday 26 February - Saturday 02 March 2019

This dynamic new take on Schwartz’s iconic, troubling tale of war, lust, politics and suicide combines the traditional musical narrative with a torrent of sound and music.

Position: Sound Engineer