This show finished on Monday 31 March 2008, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Sunday 01 April 2007 - Monday 31 March 2008


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Cast and Crew

Brother Doorkeeper/Archchancellor
David K. Barnes
Brother Dunnykin etc
Fergus Gifford
Brother Fingers etc
Simon Ginty
Brother Plasterer etc
Lauren Fried
Brother Watchtower etc
Paddy Loughman
Captain Vimes
Fred Gordon
Carrot's Dad/CMOT Dibbler
Bruce Sinclair
Corporal Nobbs
Ed Sheridan
Susie Nathanson
Death/Chief Assassin/Urdo Van Pew
Richard Dennis
Alex Hall
Lady Sybil Ramkin
Freya Slipper
Lance-Constable Carrot
Ed Curry
Lord Vetinari
Stephen Graham
Lupine Wonse
Nick Kay
Kate Jagger
Publicity Design
Marcus Roche
Sergeant Colon
Henry Peters
Stage Manager
Kate Wieteska
Technical Manager
Richard Bell
Technical Operator
James Lamont
James Turner Inman
Zeebo Mooty/Knowlessman/Bunting Carrier
Katy Bartholomew