This show finished on Saturday 30 October 2021, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Bedlam Haunted House


Wednesday 27 October - Saturday 30 October 2021


Bedlam Theatre


£4 members


Sophie Mackay and Holly Sargent


Members only, and only those who have completed building training! To access this, buy a membership on the EUSA website, and then do the training here. - it shouldn’t take too long!

Bedlam is open!

After a long, long closure, The Director is eager to start rehearsing their new show and has decided to give prospective actors a ‘tour’ around the building. But as the tour progresses, it becomes clear that despite The Director’s best attempts to cover things up, something is not right. Something is not right at all. Suddenly, there is something far more dangerous in Bedlam than leaks and power tools, and the tour has walked right into it. Who stayed behind when Bedlam closed? And what have they been planning?

Join us on an interactive tour of Bedlam to find out!

Cast and Crew


Actor Arwyn Travis

Actor Marnie Camping-Harris

Actor Cici Toke-Nichols

Actor (The Director) Angus Morrison

Artist (poster & set) Nell DiPasquantonio

Assistant Director Helen Wieland

Assistant Stage Manager Scarlett McRoberts

Composer Mick Zijdel

Creepy Sounds Lee Harding

Director Livi Carpenter

Producer Liz Dokukina

Set Assistant Luca Stier

Set Designer Julia Rahn

Set Manager Lois Zonnenberg

Stage Manager Aditi Jain

Tech Assistant Laura Brady

Tech Manager Matias Krook

Writer Sophie Mackay

Writer Holly Sargent


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