This show finished on Friday 28 October 2022, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

A Real Scream

A halfBaked production


Friday 28 October 2022


Bedlam Theatre




Julia Pancer, Isabella Olsen-Barone, and Sam Waite


halfBaked 2022/2023


Come down to Bedlam for an evening of horror and chills! Bedlam’s brightest and most devious students will bring back from the grave an old horror story in an effort to make this spooky season one to remember. Settle down, with cake of course, for a performance that will leave you on the edge of your seat and give you second thoughts about going home alone in the dark…

As a halfBaked production, cake will be provided upon entry with dietary information displayed. Some performers may still be on book.

Cast and Crew


Actor (Doctor) Sam Waite

Actor (Edna) Courtney Ohara

Actor (Florence) Isabella Olsen-Barone

Actor (Hooper) Molly McCaig

Actor (Kay) Julia Pancer

Director Lish Keir

Lighting Designer Carys Hrebenar

Producer George Manchester

Sound Assistant Atalanta Lewis

Sound Designer Lewis Eggeling

Stage Manager Jack Read


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