This show finished on Friday 14 October 2022, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Sherlock Holmes and The Speckled Band

A halfBaked production


Friday 14 October 2022


Bedlam Theatre




Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


halfBaked 2022/2023


A mysterious death happens. Dr Watson is called to the scene. Will Sherlock find out who did it? First performed in 1910, this original script by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself returns to the stage! Considered by the author himself to be his finest story, find out how adventure of greed, secrecy, and freedom reaches its climax at the home of the mysterious Dr. Grimesby Rylott.

As a halfBaked production, cake will be provided to all patrons. Dietary infomation will be displayed. This performance shall be conducted with minimal rehearsal time.

Cast and Crew


Actor (Armitage) Cinny Xing

Actor (Coroner) Miki Ivan

Actor (Grimsby Rylott) Rozie Andelova

Actor (Sherlock) Carys Hrebenar

Actor (Staunton) Mick Zijdel

Actor (Watson) Charlie Ringrose

Director Jude Rogers

Director / Actor (Enid) Killian MacDonald

Lighting Designer Lewis Eggeling

Producer George Manchester

Sound Designer Holly Spragg

Stage Manager Jack Read


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