This show finished on Thursday 04 March 2021, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Lights Out


Thursday 04 March 2021


Over the Air




Wyllis Cooper


“This is the witching hour. It is the hour when dogs howl and evil things are let loose on a sleeping world. Sit in the dark now and listen to - Lights Out!”

“Lights Out - The Coffin in Studio B” is a horror radio play from the 40s. Two actors and their director are dragging through a particularly difficult rehearsal of a murder scene when they are interrupted by a peculiar gentleman and his catalogue of coffins - just in case someone might need one in the future. And model H6782A even comes with a solid silver plate!

On 4th March, turn off your lights and tune in for this mix of comedy, horror and murder! The show will premiere on the EUTC Youtube channel and is free of charge.

Cover photo by Kate Granholm

Cast and Crew


Assistant Director Ryan Avery-Long

Co Tech Manager Rhys Seeburger

Co Tech Manager MJ Harman

Design Kate Granholm

Director David Jay

Producer Matias Krook

Production Assistant Joseph Parkin

Stage Manager Sam Teale


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Lights Out

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