This show finished on Saturday 10 March 2012, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 06 March - Saturday 10 March

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Cast and Crew

Mary Zimmerman
Ella Guest
Paul Hughes
Assistant Director
Melanie Phillips
Productions Designer
Lillis Meeh
Production Manager
Alex Fernandes
Technical Manager
Julia Brown
Stage Manager
Carolyn Doyle
Costume Assist.
Sarah Rowlands
Bonnie C. Aspinwall
Rosie Al Mulla
Charlotte Mitchell
Midas, Hades
Will Naameh
Vertumnus, Hermes
Andrew Edwards
Ceyx, Narcissus, Eros
Fred Fergus
Orpheus, Philemon
Esmond Sage
Alcyone, Pomona
Elsa Van Der
Aphrodite, Persephone
Rebecca Bowen
Eurydice, Iris, Baucis
Kate Gwynn
Myrrha, Midas' Daughter, Ceres
Emma Nevell
Erysichthon. Silenus
Steven Kirschbaum
Psyche, Sleep, Hunger
Rose Paxman
Phaeton, Bacchus, Buyer
Craig Methven
Apollo, Zeus, Cinyras, Poseidon
Rik Hart
Assistant Stage Manager
Liz Mills
Assistant Stage Manager
Rachael Murray