This show finished on Friday 02 February 2024, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Natural Born Haters LIVE! : The Squeakquel

Friday 2 Feb - 21:00 to 22:00


Friday 02 February 2024


Bedlam Theatre




Olivia and Sylvie


Bedfest 2024


Hi Sisters ! ALERT THE MEDIA, your two favourite haters are treading the boards for the second (and possibly final) time. After 21 years of hating they have decided to pursue a simpler life. Replacing iphone with butter churning, Gossiping with Hymn singing and Stella Artois with… mead ?To accurately dispel the sins of modern life… we invite you to join us in our final hour of hating !

For ONE NIGHT ONLY, join the Reverend Mothers of Edinburgh student radio for an evening you will NEVER forget.

About Natural Born Haters

After being told they had a “face for radio” Sylvie and OM discovered their passion for podcasting ! As Co creators/directors/producers/choreographers/designers/philosphers/butchers/bakers/candle stickmakers. Their multifaceted approach to entertainment is once in a generation.

Averaging, at least, 20 LISTENERS PER EPISODE, Natural Born Haters is kinda a big deal ?? So smash that like button if your coming to our swansong /goodbye tour (one night only)/meet and greet.


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