This show finished on Friday 05 April 2024, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

No Exit


Thursday 04 April - Friday 05 April 2024


Bedlam Theatre


£4/6.5/8 + £1 booking fee on the door


Jean-Paul Sartre


Three characters (Garcin, Estelle, Inez) find themselves in hell. A valet leads them into a small room, where they believe physical torture awaits. They gradually realise that the room itself is hell and the very presence of others is torture.

Each character has held significant control over other people when alive, yet are completely unable to influence the people they find themselves with in the afterlife. This brings each of them immense anguish and is ultimately the reason why they are destined to torture one another for eternity. Every character forever trying to gain recognition from another, and each in turn eternally unable to provide it (a “love triangle”, so to speak). In Sartre’s own words:

“It is a sort of living death to be surrounded by the ceaseless concern for judgments and action that one does not even desire to change. In fact, since we are alive, I wanted to demonstrate, through the absurd, the importance for us of liberty, i.e. the importance of changing our acts by other acts. Whatever the circle of hell in which we live, I think we are free to break out of it. And if people do not break out, they stay there of their own free will. In this way they choose to live in hell.”

Cast and Crew


Actor (Estelle) Georgia Thomas

Actor (Garcin) Hartley Hobson

Actor (Inez) Molly Gilbert

Actor (Valet) Robbie Morris

Assistant Director Tai Remus Elliot

Co-Director Zac Askham

Co-Director Elham Khosravipour

Co-Stage Manager Serag Elsadani

Co-Stage Manager / Set Manager Louis Handley

Co-Tech Manager Zara Bathurst

Co-Tech Manager Chloe-Anne Stevenson

Costume Manager Eloise Robertson

Light Rigger Veronica Yung

Light Rigger Cat Chapman

Light Rigger Miki Ivan

Producer Yuyi He

Producer Eric Enlow

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