This show finished on Tuesday 31 March 2009, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Once Upon A Time In Bedlam


Tuesday 01 April 2008 - Tuesday 31 March 2009


Bedlam Theatre




The Freshers


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This was the 2009 Freshers’ Play!

Cast and Crew


- Anja Haerchen

- Eva Wolfarth

- Rebecca Hotchen

- Debbie Hicks

- Becca Oliver

- Heidi Lowe

- Cardin Alff

- Klara Zak

- Steven D'agostino

- Fred Rowe

- Lizzie Watts

- Rally Behar

- Amanda Mahr

- Geena Manunana

- Katherine Leishman

- Richard Davies

- Monica Gernes

- Emma Pluyaut

- Helen Leonard

- Armando Grant

- Hannah Gould

- Leonie Sheridan

- Hanna Lundahl

- Ingrid Nordh

- Sebastian Ross

- Sophie Oach

- Neville Galvin

- Roko Misic

- Alia Ahmed

- Thea Gormley

- Heidi Goldsmith

- Neville Billimoria

- Simran Scammell

- Freya Mitchison

- Maddie Rex

- Jennifer Ulrick

- Zoe Brown

- Alex Cory

- Charlotte Rietschnel

- Portia Butterworth

- Rosa Marmia

- Daniel Guizzetti

- Susanna Grenga

- Robin Sheridan

- Inga Rudzitis

- Duncan Yellowlees

- Joe Arigho Stiles

- Andrew Jeffery

- Stephanie Wright

- Ellie Chalmers

- Melissa Thomas

- / Group #1 Jessica Dunleary

- / Producer #1 Ellie Blow

Director Liz Black

Group #1 Justyna Mytnik

Group #1 John Hughes

Group #2 Casey Raasumaa

Group #2 Ollie Shilling

Group #2 Will Green

Group #3 Andra Roston

Group #3 Natalie Baumann

Group #3 Chris Craig Harvey

GRoup #4 Alice Cathcart

GRoup #4 David Coles

Group #4 Margot Peppers

Group #5 Clare Elliot

Group #5 Pierre Pecheux

Group #5 Georgina Sneller

Group #6 Kayleigh Donaldson

Group #6 Ivan Dimitrov

Group #6 Nicholas Masters

Group #7 Aviva Bannerman

Group #7 Alice Harbourne

Group #8 Jemma Bourne

Group #8 Roz Perkins

Group #8 Jim Middleton

Group #9 Georgia Dessin

Group #9 Becka O'sullivan

Group #9 Alexandra Wetherell

Group 2 (MD) Joe Sherwen

Group 3 (MD) Paul Brotherston

Group 4 (MD) Ruther Mc Pherson

Group 5 (MD) Francis O'hanlon

Group 6 (MD) Annie Hardy

Group 7 (MD) Amy Brewer

Group 8 (MD) Simon Ginty

Group 9 (MD) Rachel Jones

Group1 (MD) Alice Bonifacio

Producer Nicola Hazelton

Producer #2 Andre Padure

Producer #3 Ellie Richardson

Producer #5 Luke Blaney

Producer #8 Alasdair Wilson

Production Team Olivia Furber

Production Team Torty Lee

Production Team Michael Milne

Production Team Anna Stewart

Production Team Charlotte Toon

Production Team Charlie Wethered

Production Team Catherine White

Production Team Sophie Condon

Production Team Laura Howells

Production Team Ellen Gledhill

Production Team Annie Rutherford

Production Team William Norman

Production Team Virginia Grey

Production Team George Ransley

Production Team Jenni Smout

Stage Manager Cat Hobart

Techie Rosa Earp

Techie Adam Alton

Techie Jide Ajoje

Techie Ben Fried

Techie Ben Hussey

Techie Daisy Livingston

Techie Laura Shepherd

Techie Anne Marie Bélanger Mc Murdo

Technical Manager Ewan Connor

Writer Bedlam Theatre


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