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Tuesday 26 January - Saturday 30 January

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Stephen Greenhorn’s “road trip movie for the stage” is an exiting comedy romp through the Scottish highlands. The play follows the adventures of best mates Brian and Alex as they smuggle a stolen surfboard from Motherwell to Thuso, a journey of 518 miles, pursued by their schizophrenic, psychopathic boss Binks. Along the way they encounter the different people and cultures found in the highlands. The play was first performed at the traverse theatre in 1997, and then toured in 1998.

The production itself will be fast paced and high-energy with a flexible set moved and changed by the cast.

Cast and Crew

Nicola Hazelton
Assistant Producer
Slaine Halloran
Duncan Yellowlees
Stage Manager
Cat Hobart
Deputy Stage Manager
Andy Jones
Technical Manager
Gordon Nimmo Smith
Sound Operator
Stuart Houston
Graphic Design
Camille Acosta
Tom Shah
Chris Craig Harvey
Alexandra Wetherell
Robin Hellier
Emma Kemp
Sam Irving
Kimberley Cody