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Quantum Freaks


Tuesday 14 October - Saturday 18 October 2003


Bedlam Theatre




The Freshers


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Freshers’ Play 2003

Cast and Crew


Al Olivia Bennett

Anne Boleyn Joanna Bingham

Anne of Cleves Jennie Grimason

Arno Schwarzelli Matthias Frison

Assistant Technician Ruth James

Assorted Russian 1 Adam Butler

Assorted Russian 2 Laura Priestley

Assorted Russian 3 Alice Greer

Baz Kate Peacock

Bible Basher/Shepherd Lucy Andrews

Big Daddy Director Michael Kenwad

Billy Victoria Tyndall

Bitsy B Nina Binham

Bubbles / Director Alex Devine

Catherine Howard Charlotte Alfred

Catherine of Aragon Katherine Marsh

Catherine Parr Lucy Jones

Caz Laura Witherspoon

D.O.S of Hellfire Alexi Trevouth

Day of the Doilie Clemmie Cooke

Day of the Doilie A Single Meeting

Director Kate Davies

Director Lucy Kirkwood

Director Lawrence Demerdash

Director Nuria Sanchez

Director Charlotte K Jarvis

Director John Wilkinson

Director Tom Latter

Director Finn Mc Kiernan

Director Idil Sukan

Director / Fish James Sinclair

Eliza Dolittle Cat Hoyle

Fanny Hunter Rhiannon Mac Donald

Fish / Shakespeare in Self-Love Emily Pritchard

Freya Liv Drew

Gabs Tom Claflin

Hagar/Sam Ed Macdonald

Harry Tiana Linden

Helga Natalie Gregory

Henry VIII Jeremy Bidgood

Henry VIII: Six in the City Alex Lee

Henry VIII: Six in the City Could You Marry

Immaculate Deception Henri Merriam

Immaculate Deception "Mary Was That

Jack Richard Rowlatt

Jack D. Ripper Andy Field

Jack D. Ripper Or How I

Jessica Joe Fox

Jessica Kathryn Hays

Joan Applewood Rose Hall Smith

Joseph Kirsty Sutherland

Juliet Emma Field

Lucinda Smith Maria Schoenfeld

Maid Kate Kennedy

Mary Fia Sunden

Mary Poppins Diana Rix

Mel Matthew Hy

Michelangelo Lucy Debtts

Mrs Medici Venetia Twigg

Mumra Marta Giannella

Nancy Tammy Gill

Ophelia/Narrator Jo Clarke

Paperboy James Mutton

Producer Clare Murphy Mc Greevey

Producer Timothy Goodwin

Producer Emma Drange

Producer Lindsey Drown

Producer Charlotte Coles

Producer Honor Fishburn

Producers Claire Glendenning

Production Manager Miriam Raines

Quen Alexandra Rosie Drew

Rasputin Catrin Norris

Ren-arse-sance Simon J Hodges

Ren-arse-sance An Unfortunate Incident

Road to Moscow Martin Cavannagh

Road to Moscow Cooler Than A

Romeo/Doctor Sandy Easton

Sam Beckett Malcolm Chambers

Shakespeare in Self-Love Shakespeare Has Never

Sharon Emma Alexander

Stage Manager Becky Roche

Stage Manager Jessica Farmer

Stage Manager Amanda Price

Stage Manager Ben Alderson Day

Stage Manager Sarah Martin

Stage Manager Sarah Blyth

Stage Manager Emma Allford

Stalin Alex Bicket

Stalin's Boudyguard/Proletariator Frank Hellman

Technical Manager James Turner Inman

Technical Manager Sarah Mennie

Technical Manager Heather Hanshaw

Technical Manager Rachael Smith

Technical Manager Adam Millerchip

Technical Manager Helen Sanger

Technical Manager Paul Norman

Technical Manager Shehraz Ditta

Technical Manager Juliette Daigre

Technical Manager Adam Kimber

Technical Manager Richard Cape

Technical Manager Timmy Gee

Technical Manager Alan Brown

Technical Manager Duncan Grieve

Theatre Manager Kati Hind

Theodore Scrupe Ciaran Carr

Tracey Alexa Brown

Tracy Hobbs Katherine Tyler

Viking Freshers Peter Cameron

Viking Freshers Carry On Pillaging!

William Shakespeare Alex Stanley

Winnie Wartybottom Amy Cook

Writer The Cast


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