This show finished on Saturday 01 December 2012, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Wednesday 28 November - Saturday 01 December 2012


Bedlam Theatre


Will Naameh and Connor Jones


Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Dame Hudson and friends join forces to defeat the nefarious James Moriarty, as he plots to steal Christmas and take over the world. Guest star: pyros.

Cast and Crew

All Singin', All Dancin' Chorus
Abby Jackson
All Singin', All Dancin' Chorus
Fiona Longmuir
All Singin', All Dancin' Chorus
Rosie Pierce
All Singin', All Dancin' Chorus
Joe Shaw
Arthur Conan Doyle
Jack Kinross
Assistant Stage Manager
Ashlyn Mooney
Assistant Stage Manager
Madeline Charne
Assistant Stage Manager
Connie Wakefield
Assistant Technical Manager
Matthew James
Connor Jones
Choreographic Adviser
Will Naameh
Corrupt President of Bedlam
Faith Jones
Costume Mistress
Charlotte Repton
Dame Hudson
Callum O'dwyer
Connor Jones
Will Naameh
John Watson
Rose Paxman
Martin MacLennan in a Dog Costume
Martin Maclennan
Miss Pinkerton
Venice Van Someren
Rik Hart
Mr Hymen the Pieman
Julien Matthews
Mycroft Holmes
Sacha Timaeus
Prince Albert
Will Hearle
Rachael Murray
Pyrotechnic Advisor
Lillis Meeh
Amica Sciortino Nowlan
Queen Victoria
John Rushton
Sherlock Holmes
Craig Methven
Spooooky Ghost
Imogen Brabant
Stage Manager
Sam Kenny
Technical Manager
Luciana Miu
The Mole
Joe Mcardle
William Gladstone
Miriam Wright
Xiǎojiě Rowlands
Sarah Rowlands


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