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So Here We Are


Wednesday 04 March - Thursday 05 March 2020


Bedlam Theatre




Luke Norris


Frankie’s gone and no one wants to talk about it.

Smudge, Pugh, Pidge and Dan have just returned from the funeral of their best friend and fifth five-a-side football team member. Waiting for Frankie’s girlfriend Kirsty to arrive they wrestle with the tragedy of the situation, unable to confront their grief in any healthy way. Luke Norris’s “So Here We Are” is a play about what can happen when nothing happens, a compassionate look at young lives cut short and a touching portrait of childhood friendships under strain in adult life.

Bedlam Theatre 4th/5th March £4/£5/£7

Content warnings: Xenophobia, homophobia, ableism, discussion of mental health & suicide

Tickets can be found HERE.

Amateur production by arrangement with Nick Hern Books

Cast and Crew


Actor (Frankie) William Nye

Actor (Kirsty) Evie Faber

Actor (Pidge) George Carter

Actor (Pugh) Milo Hynes

Assistant Director Amy Yeo

Assistant Producer Isabella Forshaw

Assistant Stage Manager Regan Sneddon

Director Ben Fleming

Producer Eve Miller

Set Designer George Manchester

Stage Manager Chloe Hendry

Tech Assistant Matias Krook

Tech Manager Lois Zonnenberg


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