This show finished on Saturday 01 March 2014, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Sword at Sunset

A dream may be the best thing to die for.


Tuesday 25 February - Saturday 01 March 2014


Bedlam Theatre




Rosemary Sutcliff, adapted by James Beagon


Meet the real King Arthur – Artos the Bear - fighting to save the last lights of Western civilization in Britain from the descending barbarian darkness. Bold and forceful in battle, yet tragically tormented in love, Artos must also contend with a darker personal doom.

The remnants of the former Roman Empire are crumbling. Can Artos and his companions preserve something of their culture whilst saving themselves?

Adapted by James Beagon, this is the first staging of the classic by Rosemary Sutcliff, author of the world famous Eagle of the Ninth trilogy.

Cast and Crew


Abbess Marina Johnson

Ambrosius Maddie Haynes

Artos Jacob Close

Assistant Director Tamsyn Lonsdale-Smith

Assistant Director Catherine Livesey

Assistant Producer Eleanor Grose

Bedwyr Adam Butler

Cei Finlay McAfee

Cerdic Casey Elizabeth Enochs

Director James Beagon

Flavian Ihsan Kerr

Gault Ella Rogers

Guenhumara Miriam Wright

Gwalchmai Jonathan Barnett

Levin Florence Bedell Brill

Light Design Vlada Kravtsova

Maglaunus Ian Culleton

Medraut Joseph McAulay

Minnow Hannah Bradley

Pharic Leyla Doany

Producer Jonathan Langley

Projection David Jones

Saxon Alessandro Inguscio

Sound Design Megan Lu

Sound Design Chris Armitstead

Stage Manager Alex Dillon

Stage Manager Rosamund Fitzmaurice

Stage Manager Alvaro Gallego

Stage Manager Danya Bradley Barnes

Sword Mistress Rachel Bussom

Technical Manager Lucija Vihar

Teleri Emily Deans

Ygerna Sophie Craik



Swords at Funset

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