This show finished on Monday 31 March 2008, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Sunday 01 April - Monday 31 March

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Archivist’s Note [2016]: Images added from scans, with permission from James Baster

Cast and Crew

Colleen Patterson
Ella Hickson
Stage Manager
Alex Mead
Assistant Stage Manager
Cat Hobart
Technical Manager
Ewan Connor
Emily Jenkinson
Geraldine Heaney
John Proctor
Nick Kay
Elizabeth Proctor
Holly Mc Lay
Abigail Williams
Louise Alder
Reverend Hale
Robin Stewart
Reverend Parris
Michael Whitham
Mary Warren
Jenny Dickens
Mercy Lewis
Catherine White
Susanna Walcott
Imogen Lloyd
Betty Parris
Alice Bonifacio
Giles Corey
Tom Paul
Rebecca Nurse
Olivia Gifford
Deputy-Governor Danforth
Solomon Mousley
Judge Hathorne
Tony Laing
Ann Putnam
Christina Logue
Thomas Putnam
Daniel Crooks
Ezekiel Cheever
Paul Brown
Leah Magoye