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Monday 06 February - Sunday 12 February 2017


Bedlam Theatre




Frances Goodrich and Abert Hackett, adapted by Wendy Kesselman


Nazi-occupied Holland, 1942. The Second World War is being waged all across Europe. To avoid Nazi persecution, two Jewish families hide for two years in the “Secret Annexe”.

In her Diary the passionate and spirited Anne Frank records with an astonishingly honest, witty and intelligent prose, the reality of her life in hiding and the attempt to live a normal life under the shadow of fear.

The Diary of Anne Frank will take you through two years of tense, fearful, heart-warming and sometimes amusing episodes of life in the Annexe. A poignant and dramatic account of history and the lives of real people.

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Cast and Crew

Marion Bretagne
Helena Davidson
Set Managers
Neb Saunders
Stage Manager
Kitty Peat
Technical Manager
Griffith Tai
Technical Manager
Iona Tangri
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