This show finished on Saturday 01 October 2005, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

The Music Box


Tuesday 27 September - Saturday 01 October 2005


Bedlam Theatre




The Freshers


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This was the 2005 Freshers’ Play.

Cast and Crew


Mini Director Simon Neville

Mini Director Urvashi Urmani

Mini Director Paul Hewitt

Mini Director Alex Hall

Mini Director Tom Ferguson

Mini Director Lindsay Jones

Mini Director Giulia Zelzic

Mini Director Ishbel Mc Farlane

Mini Director Alex Kobertson Abrvie

Mini Director Jo Bedford

Mini Director Julia Hicks

Mini Director John Wilkinson

Mini Director Emily Prince

Mini Director Tommy Galliano

Mini Director Emily Hourmouzios

Mini Director / Production Team Ella Hickson

Production Team Jessica Winch

Production Team Lily Kember

Production Team Lucy Jackson

Production Team Natasha Wood

Stage Management Team Kate Wieteska

Stage Management Team Helena Larkin

Stage Management Team Colleen Patterson

Stage Management Team Rob Anderson

Stage Management Team Nina Bell

Stage Management Team Ewan Mac Donald

Stage Management Team Helen Rawton

Stage Management Team Kim Popendorf

Stage Management Team Hannah Myers

Stage Management Team Hannah Rowley

Techie Lauren Mc Leod

Techie Claire Freake

Techie Xander Macmillan

Techie Raechel Monleith

Techie Cat Shannon

Techie Ruth Corrigan

Techie Richard Bell

Techie Tom Gregory

Techie Matt Wieteska


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