This show finished on Monday 20 January 2020, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

The Odyssey in 60 Minutes

Telling a twenty-four book long journey in just 60 minutes


Monday 20 January 2020


Bedlam Theatre




Mick Zijdel


Bedfest 2020


The Odyssey in 60 Minutes is a modern interpretation of the classic ancient Greek tale. The story follows Odysseus on his turbulent journey back to his family, his wife fighting of suitors, and his son searching for his lost father; with the gods cavorting along on the side. Written and directed by Mick Zijdel, we attempt to show the audience this tale with plenty of music, costume changes and laughs along the way.

Content Warnings

  • Strobe Effects
  • Moderate Violence

Cast and Crew


Actor (Athena / Circe) Mia Tuxen

Actor (Calypso / Penelope) Madeleine Tierney

Actor (Odysseus) Isabelle Hodgson

Actor (Poseidon / Hermes / Eurymachos) Ray Finlayson

Actor (Telemachos) Callum Bird-Neilson

Actor (Zeus / Polyphemos / Nausicaa / Antinous) Emer Williams

Co-Director Freya Gray Stone

Co-Director / Producer Natasha Kinsman

Co-Director / Stage Manager Lily Hextall

Co-Director / Writer Mick Zijdel

Costume Manager Katie Hardwick

Tech Manager Lois Zonnenberg


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