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Tuesday 04 March - Saturday 08 March 1997


Bedlam Theatre




Sean O'Casey


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Cast and Crew

Actor (Adolphus Grigson)
Danny White
Actor (Auxiliary)
Charlie Peto
Actor (Donal Davoren)
Paul Dinnen
Actor (Minnie Powell)
Claire Mc Daid
Actor (Mr Gallogher)
James Gloyn
Actor (Mr Maguire)
Stephen Phelan
Actor (Mr Mulligan)
Jon Wald
Actor (Mrs Grigson)
Jennifer Dick
Actor (Mrs Henderson)
Caroline Moses
Actor (Seumas Shields)
Gareth Welshman
Actor (Tommy Owens)
Phillip Cotterill
Costume Designer
Sarah Allen
Director / Set Construction
Dan Milmo
Clare Wedderburn
Producer / Set Construction
Christabel Anderson
Publicity Design
Nick White
Set Construction
Jonathan Rawling
Set Construction
Simon Wilkinson
Sound Technician
Paul Haggarty
Stage Crew
Hannah Jones
Stage Crew
Louise Roper
Stage Crew
Louise Williams
Stage Manager
Beth Nuttall
Technical Director / Set Construction
Penda Bede Stally


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