This show finished on Saturday 10 November 2012, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Tuesday 06 November - Saturday 10 November


James Beagon


Bedlam Theatre

Lying by a street gutter covered in a sheet, Sam’s mauled body is awoken. His saviours: a spectral couple, Spectators, motivated only by their own enjoyment and amusement at his predicament. They offer Sam a chance to see for himself how his life led to this moment - and who is responsible.

The Edinburgh University Theatre Company presents young writer James Beagon’s new play at the Bedlam Theatre.

Cast and Crew

James Beagon
Assistant Director
Sibylla Archdale Kalid
Assistant Director
Eleri Boyesen
Tom Turner
Assistant Producer
Megan Bishoff
Technical Manager
Luciana Miu
Lighting Designer
Ruth Luckins
Stage Manager
Gem Bowes
Assistant Stage Manager
Clara Jane Mills
Assistant Stage Manager
Luise Kocaurek
Assistant Stage Manager
Lauren Mc Lay
Lighting Assistant
Matthew James



The Student on Thursday 08 November