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Tuesday 01 April - Tuesday 31 March

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Prepare for Halloween at the Bedlam Theatre with this brand new comedy show!

Allow Sir Percy Godbole and his servant Nigel to present to you three terrifying stories concerning the dark excesses of human nature. THRILL as Victoria Frankenstein brings the dead back to life in an effort to make the perfect man; GASP as intrepid explorers Max and Isobel face the dreaded curse of the Mummy’s tomb; and BE VERY FRIGHTENED INDEED as that loveable bastard Dr Seward defends the Holmwood family from the dreaded sexy shenanigans of Count Dracula himself!

Very sexy, very funny, very tragic - very dead.

Cast and Crew

David K. Barnes
Alia Ainuddin
Stage Manager
Hilary White
Technical Manager
Sam Hansford
Assistant Stage Manager
Isobel Powell
Assistant Stage Manager
Tamsin Wates
Assistant Stage Manager
Dee Butterly
Costume Manager
Camille Acosta
Sound Op
Pierre Pecheux
Count Dracula
Stephen Graham
Kharis, the mummy
Jim Middleton
Victoria Frankenstein
Amber Molyneux
Dr John Seward
Andrew Crosbie
Arthur Holmwood
Ben Davies
Lucy Holmwood
Inga Rudzitis
The Creature
Patrick Douglas
Sir Percy Godbole
Dale Cooper
Nigel/Dr Trelawney
Dylan Read
Joe Sherwen
Suzie Preece
Henry Clerval/Imhotep
Will Green
Elizabeth Campbell
O'Tranto/Quincey Morris
Sebastian Ross
The Pedestrian
Will Lawton