This show finished on Wednesday 05 May 2004, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Friday 30 April - Wednesday 05 May 2004


Bedlam Theatre


4.50/4.00/3.50 (fri), 3.50/3.00 (wed)


Bryony Lavery


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Cast and Crew

Actor (Bailey 1) / Construction Work
Alex Lee
Actor (Bailey 2)
Andy Field
Actor (Bailey 3)
Idil Sukan
Actor (Banshee)
Jane Wilson
Actor (Evvie)
Cat Hoyle
Actor (Girlie) / Artistic Team
Tessa Parr
Actor (Rosie) / Artistic Team
Camilla Young
Actor (Zombie)
Danielle Farrow
Artistic Team
Mike Turner
Artistic Team
Jane Wilson
Artistic Team
Cat Hoyle
Artistic Team
Alison Mills
Artistic Team
Rachel Rudman
Artistic Team
Lydia Richardson
Artistic Team
Tom Mc Laren
Construction Work
Tom Latter
Construction Work
James Turner Inman
Director / Artistic Team
Dana Achary
Graphic Design
Will Layzell
Music Writtten by
Rory McLaughlin
Producer / Music Written by / Artistic Team
Sophie Gilby
Stage Manager / Artistic Team
Emma Strauss
Technical Assistant
Richard Cape
Technical Manager
Duncan Grieve


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