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Friday 06 August - Monday 30 August 2010


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“Wild Allegations” by David Leon and David K. Barnes

A cool seductress and a vengeful nobody conspire with you to destroy a rising star. Fast, funny, cynical drama about judgement and self-deception, with narrators so conflicting they risk destroying themselves. Which of them can you trust?


Matthew is a rising star – the eccentric leading man – and already unsatisfied.

He gloatingly laments his success to cool seductress Theo, who thinks he’s a hypocrite.

He’s stolen his stage persona from frustrated failure Alex, who thinks he’s a bastard.

They’re going to bring him down… and they’re going to tell you how.

As Theo and Alex tell you their parallel but conflicting tales, their early confidence implodes as their schemes crash down around them; they’re forced to confront themselves, their spite, their self-deception and you, their audience and co-conspirators, in this slick, dark and very funny drama.

Cast and Crew

Paul Brotherston
Assistant Producer
Venice Van Someren
Assistant Producer
Nick Morris
Assistant Stage Manager
Rosa Earp
Assistant Technician
Neville Billimoria
Llinos Henry
Tom Watret
Sophie Pemberton
David K. Barnes
David Leon
Ed Sheridan
Sophie Condon
Publicity Designer
Camille Acosta
Sound Designer
Xander Macmillan
Stage Manager
Richard Davies
Technical Manager
Stuart Houston
Technical Manager
Pierre Pecheux
Alexandra Wetherell


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