Marie Gaasø Rimolsrønning


"Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again." by Alice Birch

Wednesday 03 October 2018

You are expected to behave… Use the right words. Act appropriate. Don’t break the rules. Just behave.

Position: Set Assistant

"Cyprus Avenue" by David Ireland

Wednesday 10 October - Saturday 13 October 2018

“Gerry Adams has disguised himself as a new-born baby and successfully infiltrated my family home.” The EUTC is deli...

Position: Prop Person

"Jerusalem " by Jez Butterworth

Wednesday 24 October - Saturday 27 October 2018

A comic, contemporary vision of life in England’s green and pleasant land, written by Jez Butterworth. On St George’...

Position: Props Manager

"Lord of the Panto" by Ishbel McLachlan

Wednesday 28 November - Saturday 01 December 2018

One Panto to Rule Them All, One Panto to Find Them. One Panto to Bring Them All, And in the Darkness… Christmas?

Position: Stage Manager

"Pippin" by Stephen Schwartz & Roger Hirson

Tuesday 26 February - Saturday 02 March 2019

This dynamic new take on Schwartz’s iconic, troubling tale of war, lust, politics and suicide combines the traditional musical narrative with a torrent of sound and music.

Position: Assistant Producer

"The History Boys " by Alan Bennett

Wednesday 27 March - Saturday 30 March 2019

The History Boys by Alan Bennett is a devastatingly funny, clever and heartbreaking play that chronicles the attempt of a group of working class schoolboys applying to Oxbridge in the late 1980s.

Position: Lighting Operating

"She Can't Half Talk: Fringe 2019" by Sally Mac

Saturday 17 August - Sunday 25 August 2019

She Can’t Half Talk is a new and original piece of writing from Edinburgh University student, Sally MacAlister. The m...

Position: Co-Stage Manager

"Freshers'/Welcome Week 2019" by N/A

Monday 09 September - Sunday 15 September 2019

Welcome to the EUTC Welcome week! For more updates, please follow our facebook page here:

Position: Theatre

"Freshers Play 2k19 " by The Freshers

Wednesday 25 September - Saturday 28 September 2019

From the Archives!

Position: Scary Person

"Things I Know to Be True" by Andrew Bovell

Tuesday 08 October - Saturday 12 October 2019

“It goes on. Life. It goes on.”

Position: Director

"Avengers: Nativity War" by Liam Bradbury

Wednesday 27 November - Saturday 30 November 2019

It’s time to dust off the baubles and wake up your granny, the panto is here and it’s going to be…absolutely super! ...

Position: Stage Manager

"Nativity 2019" by Amy Yeo

Saturday 14 December 2019

Bedlam does a primary school nativity

Position: Virgin Marie / risk assessor

"The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde

Wednesday 26 February - Saturday 29 February 2020

‘To lose one parent Mr Worthing, may be regarded as unfortunate, to lose both looks like carelessness’ In Oscar Wild...

Position: Stagehand

"Anything Could Happen" by Amy Yeo

Wednesday 28 October - Saturday 31 October 2020


Position: Set Coordinator

"Production Management" by Marie Grassø Rimolsrønning

Thursday 05 November 2020

Come get an introduction and explanation of what a production manager does on a showteam! This will mostly be tailore...

Position: -

"Semester 1 Summary" by Marie Grassø Rimolsrønning

Thursday 03 December 2020

an open discussion about this semester where people can give feedback, just hang out and chat, or suggest events and ...

Position: -

"Introduction to Stage Management" by Sophie Lee and Marie Rimolsrønning

Friday 17 September 2021

An introduction to stage management in Edinburgh student theatre! Come and chat to stage managers from all societies ...

Position: -

"The Rip Current " by Molly Keating

Thursday 18 August - Monday 29 August 2022

An experimental nosedive into Jamie’s fractured past. Struggling to assimilate at Cambridge university, Jamie makes a...

Position: Set Manager

"Bedlam Fringe 2023" by Never Set

Wednesday 02 August - Sunday 27 August 2023

We are very excited to be opening the big red doors again for the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Our programme is no...

Position: Venue Manager