This show finished on Thursday 07 October 2021, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Let's Create A Thing!


Tuesday 05 October - Thursday 07 October 2021


Bedlam Theatre




Lois Zon


We are going to Create a Thing!

Have you always wanted to build something? Or wanted to paint murals on a wall? Now you can! During next week, there will be three days with slots available for both building and painting! For building, you can make whatever you want! Do you need a small table or a box? Or do you want to make a frame for a painting, or just make something that can only be described as abstract art? We have the materials and will help you do that! There is absolutely no experience required, because we’re here to help you learn! (I’d barely even held a drill before I came in) At the same time, we can have 2 people per slot painting murals on the walls in the workshop (which are currently still quite bare)! This is basically just a funky workshop/social, to get you familiar with the tools, and make some new friends.

How do signups work

I’m using the ‘Staffing’ signup we’d usually use for staffing during shows. What this means, is you will have to log-in on the bedlam website to access the slots, and then go to the ‘staffing’ tab to sign up for stuff. (You can also click this link:…/staff…/create-a-thing/grid) Please only sign up for one slot! It will let you sign up for multiple, but we’re trying to give as many people as possible a chance to come in. If everything were to fill up, we’ll also run some next week. As this event is taking place IN BEDLAM!, a thing to note is that before you can access the building, you will have to have done training, which you can access with your bedlam website login here: If you have any questions about what we’re doing, how to sign up, or anything else, feel free to shoot me (Lois Zon) a message!

Cast and Crew


Creative Director / Set Lois Zonnenberg

Producer Mick Zijdel

Stage Manager Hanna Shrader

Tech Manager Matias Krook


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