This show finished on Monday 19 January 2015, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Candlewasters: Flash Theatre

A collection of very short new writing from the frenzied minds of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company.


Allow us to introduce you to flash theatre: short bursts of literary merriment that must, we repeat must, come in under 5 minutes. Or else. Seriously. We know where you live. We’re not kidding here. It’s a challenge for writers - less so for attention spans.

It is a new semester, and the frenzied minds of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company spent Christmas hiding from relatives and writing their magnum opi (ooh Latin!). A fresh festival form of your favourite new writing event, Candlewasters, the time has come for entertainment, pain, criticism, hysteria, hilarity and philosophy. All in 5 minutes.

Come and join the flash mob.

Cast and Crew


Actor Scott Redmond

Actor Caitlin Deery

Actor Adam Butler

Actor Taliah Horner

Actor En Thompson

Actor Rob Younger

Actor Holly Marsden

Actor Nuri Syed Corser

Actor Khanya Mtshali

Actor Jonathan Ip

Curator Joe Christie

Curator Marina Johnson

Director Isobel Dew

Director Joshua Zitser

Director Vlada Kravtsova

Director Liv Burton

Director Esmond Sage

Stage Manager Danya Bradley Barnes

Stage Manager Abigail La Liberte

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