This festival finished on Saturday 24 January 2015, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.


Monday 19 January - Saturday 24 January 2015


Bedlam Theatre


Start the year with a wide range of the quality shows and workshops! Discover the wonders of Bedlam Theatre!

Bedlam Festival runs from Monday the 19th until Saturday the 24th of January celebrating student theatre in Edinburgh. During the week, the EUTC host a wealth of workshops exploring different aspects of theatre, plays by celebrated playwrights and exciting original writing as well as social events and previews for upcoming shows throughout the semester!

It’s also a great way to get involved, experiment with new roles within the theatre and forge new friendships!

Check out the rest of our schedule at our facebook event:

Cast and Crew

Alvaro Gallego
Katherine Bull
Assistant Cafe Manager
Adam Butler
Assistant Cafe Manager
Valentina Dunn
Assistant Cafe Manager
Jodie Mitchell
Box Office Manager
Isobel Dew
Box Office Manager
Lora Bedford
Box Office Manager
Megan Burt
Cafe Manager
Isobel Moulder
Marketing Manager
Louise Spence
Marketing Manager
Manon Haag
Marketing Manager
Jenny Nygaardsmoen
Technical Manager
Jack Simpson
Technical Manager
Laura McGugan
Technical Manager
Alan Wise
Technical Manager
Ciara Milligan
Theatre Manager
Alex Dillon
Theatre Manager
Erin Gleeson
Theatre Manager
Tabitha James


Monday 19 January 2015

Candlewasters: Flash Theatre

A collection of very short new writing from the frenzied minds of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company.

Allow us to introduce you to flash theatre: short bursts of literary merriment that must, we repeat must, come in und…

A Number

Monday 19 January - Tuesday 20 January

“You’re the only one.”

Caryl Churchill’s incredible one-act play “ A Number ” questions our sense of identity through a father’s conversatio…

Pilot Season

Hilarious new writing from seasoned performers, The Edinburgh Revue.

Come out of the cold and laugh yourselves warm with ‘Pilot Season’ – a selection of four new pieces of comedic writi…

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Poems About Things

Tuesday 20 January - Friday 23 January

A play with ninjas, postboxes, jellyfish, the first female president of Namibia and poetry. What more could you ask for? Nothing, that’s what.

Poems About Things is the story of Dan, a surprisingly dull protagonist, trying to get over the love of his life, Jan…


Take a sketch comedy, add an orchestra and you get what F-Holes is all about.

Combining comedy and a small string ensemble,we’ve created a lo-fi show that is incredibly fun and funny. Written by …

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Project X

Project X returns, for one night only… bringing your submissions of mostly terrible, sometimes funny, and occasionall…

Thursday 22 January 2015

Cast Me if You Can: the Auditions from Hell

Ten actors have volunteered for what they think is art. This is not art. This is Hell.

Eight actors will be given 24 hours to prepare for an audition in front of an audience and a panel of judges. The fou…

Friday 23 January 2015

The Quest For Spygood's Gold

The race is on!

MI6 races against the last surviving member of the Spygood family in a quest for their hidden treasure. The stakes? L…

Voices of the 16 Million

“My subject is War, and the pity of War. The Poetry is in the pity.” (Wilfred Owen, 1918)

Join the cast and crew of ‘ Journey’s End ’ by RC Sherriff for an evening of theatre, poetry, prose and music spannin…

Saturday 24 January 2015

'The Vagina Monologues': A Teaser

Join the cast and crew of Relief Theatre’ s upcoming production of The Vagina Monologues for a Q&A session about the …

24 Hour Play

One play. 24 hours. It’s going to get messy.

It’s back! Come to our sign ups in the Bedlam auditorium after the last show on Friday the 23rd to act, direct, write…


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