This show finished on Saturday 30 March 2024, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

M.A.D: Mutually Assured Destruction


Wednesday 27 March - Saturday 30 March 2024


Bedlam Theatre


£6/7/9 + £1 booking fee on the door


William Oliveira


Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Brian De Gousch, and I warmly welcome you all to the world premiere of my live-action documentary, M.A.D: Mutually Assured Destruction. Not to be hubristic, but it is by far the greatest film ever made.

Since living through the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Civil rights movements, walking hand-in-hand with my brothers in the Black Panthers, and cringing through countless biased films about the ‘great’ America and those ‘evil’ Russians, it is time to finally flip the script!

In 1962, four men aboard a Soviet submarine received a false alarm of nuclear attack. Three of them voted to fire a nuclear warhead. One of them did not. His name was Vasily Arkhipov, he saved the world, and yet almost nobody knows his name. This is the tale of a Russian hero. This is a story about a lying, evil America: a country founded on genocide, and the slavery of my people. This is my story. This is my life.

Cast and Crew


Actor (Admiral) Tai Remus Elliot

Actor (Bobby) Hugo Edgoose

Actor (Captain) / Cast Welfare Officer Andrew More

Actor (Johnny) Lauryn McGuire

Actor (Khrushchev) Anna Yarwood

Actor (Lenin) Ava Vaccari

Actor (Major) Mia Clayton

Actor (Officer Cadet) Fraser Murray

Actor (Stalin) Faolán Ingram

Actor (Temporarily Unpaid Forced Labourer) Alice Lambert

Assistant Lighting Designer Miki Ivan

Assistant Stage Manager Sarah Moreman

Co-Stage Manager Serag Elsadani

Co-Stage Manager Meri Suonenlahti

Costume Assistant Kayleigh Lennon

Costume Assistant Caitlin Hutton

Costume Manager Willow Bowkett

Crew Welfare Officer Rami Tabbara

Dance Choreographer / Hair and Makeup Tech Alexandra Oguz

Director Alexandra Kogan

Fight / Intimacy Coordinator Františka Vosátková

Light Rigger (One Light Only) Leon Lee

Lighting Assistant Moses Brzeski-Reilly

Lighting Assistant Luca Stier

Lighting Assistant / Set Assistant Tatiana Kacmarska

Producer Jolie Chen

Set Assistant Louis Handley

Set Assistant olivia dale

Set Assistant Harold Zhou

Set Assistant Tihani Binti Shahrudin

Set Designer Em Leites McPherson

Set Manager Carys Hrebenar

Sound Designer / Graphic Designer Adrian McLean

Tech Assistant Luke Hardwick

Tech Assistant Alice Sikora

Tech Manager / Lighting Designer Fiona Connor

Videographer Jackson Altenkirch-Moroney

Writer / Actor (Biased Documentarian) Will Allnutt

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