This show finished on Friday 29 September 2023, and this page is being kept for archival purposes only.

Fresher's Plays 2023: Top of the Props!


Thursday 28 September - Friday 29 September 2023


Bedlam Theatre




The Freshers


Introducing this year’s Freshers Plays ‘Top of the Pops’!

Nine new families. Nine new plays. Each given one prop. Featuring unicorn masks, ukelele’s and prams, you won’t know what to expect.

Intrigued? Come to Bedlam Theatre for a night of silly fresher fun!

Not listed:

Family 5

Rue Richardson (Actor)
Kammara Kendall (Tech - Lighting)

Family 6

Ais McSharry: Actor (Ais)
Hannah Jayne Fitzsimmons: Actor (Hannah)
Florian Wirth: Actor (Cult Leader)
Jonny Woodnutt: Light Designer
Ksenia Bobyleva: Sound Designer

Cast and Crew


Costume Coordinator / Family 2 Parent Chloe Lannert

Creative Director Freya Game

Creative Producer/Family 1 Parent (Actor - Cult Member) Lauren Green

Family 1 Child (Actor - Yummy Mummy) Andrew More

Family 1 Child (Actor - Yummy Mummy) Louis Handley

Family 1 Child (Actor - Yummy Mummy) Freya McCall

Family 1 Child (Actor - Yummy Mummy) Lucien Ngai

Family 1 Child (Actor - Yummy Mummy) Mila Stoilova

Family 1 Child (Tech / Stage / Actor - Mr Link) Meri Suonenlahti

Family 1 Child (Tech / writer) Fiona Connor

Family 1 Child (Tech) Ellie Smith

Family 1 Parent (Actor - Cult Member) Anna Yarwood

Family 1 Parent (Actor - Cult Member) Tai Remus Elliot

Family 2 Child (Actor) Madeleine Hatch

Family 2 Child (Actor) Ronan Lenane

Family 2 Child (Lighting Designer) Cate Goldwater Breheny

Family 2 Parent Jack Greengross

Family 2 Parent Leon Lee

Family 3 Child (Actor - Highwayman/Medieval Person/Arthur/Scabbard Voice) Ella Peattie

Family 3 Child (Actor - Person 1) Kayla Elnora Jones-Barbee

Family 3 Child (Actor - Person 2/Serial Killer in Chicken Costume) Rosie Haones

Family 3 Child (Actor - Person 3/Sword Voice) Jesse Lanchester

Family 3 Child (Tech) Robbie Morris

Family 3 Child (Tech) Zara Bathurst

Family 3 Child (Tech) Veronica Yung

Family 3 Parent Isla McLellan

Family 3 Parent Molly McCaig

Family 4 Child (Actor - Avril Levine) Victoria Ge

Family 4 Child (Actor - Tony Hawk) Yanni Chan

Family 5 Child (Actor) Emmett Smith

Family 5 Child (Tech) Harold Zhou

Family 5 Parent Sarah Moreman

Family 5 Parent Nhi Tran

Family 7 Child (Actor - Bruce/Cleo) Dan Bryant

Family 7 Child (Actor - Van Helsing) Lucie Benninghaus

Family 7 Child (Actor) Luke Hardwick

Family 7 Parent Charlie Ringrose

Family 8 Parent Freya White

Family 8 Parent Nat Lamont

Family 8 Parent Tala Davidson

Set Coordinator/Family 4 Parent Holly Spragg

Stage Coordinator Emily Richards

Tech Coordinator Martha Barrow

Welfare Miki Ivan

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