Monty Panto and the 12-ish Labours

In the beginning was the game, the game was with God, and the game *was* God.


Wednesday 29 November - Saturday 02 December 2023


Bedlam Theatre


£6/7/9 + £1 booking fee on the door


Miki Ivan & Fiona Connor


It’s 1BC, the gods are on high, watching the Nativity, and the villagers are elated at the prospects of the future. Unfortunately, someone isn’t happy, and maybe, sort of well, entirely annihilates the Nativity. The blame lands on Hercules, the most extraordinary hero of the Grecian era, who is tasked with 12-(ish) labours. Can he complete his missions, and restore peace to the world?

Come along to Bedlam this Christmas time for some crazy crustaceans, myth mixups and far, far too much falafel.

Cast and Crew


Actor (Brian Cox/Howard) Asta Knight

Actor (Ensemble) Aytac Cura

Actor (Ensemble) Alexander Németh

Actor (Ensemble) Lucie-Charlotte Benninghaus

Actor (Ensemble) Martyna Lipok

Actor (God) Eleanor Kinninmonth

Actor (Hera) Seamus Coyle

Actor (Hercules) Charlie Ringrose

Actor (Hermes) Alice Sikora

Actor (Herod/Ensemble) Tatiana Kacmarska

Actor (Jarred/Minotaur) Lucien Ngai

Actor (Ryan Crocs/Ensemble) Jack Greengross

Actor (Tamatwoa) Tara Healy

Actor (Theseus/Ensemble) Luke Hardwick

Actor (Zeus) Jacob Jolliffe

Assistant Producer Ching Zhan

Co-Writer (Physics Consultant) / Co-Choreographer / Set Assistant Fiona Connor

Costume Assistant Anwen Baker

Costume Assistant Lisa Kislova

Costume Manager Chloe Lannert

Director / Co-Writer / Co-Choreographer Miki Ivan

Lighting Assistant Zara Bathurst

Lighting Assistant Veronica Yung

Lighting Designer Carys Hrebenar

Lyricist (Scientific Supervisor) / Co-Choreographer Lewis Eggeling

Musical Director Freya White

Producer India Hunter

Set Assistant Tihani Binti Shahrudin

Set Assistant (Jeremy Stand-in) Luca Stier

Set Manager Holly Spragg

Sound Assistant Maysan Abdidayim

Sound Assistant Cat Chapman

Sound Designer Atalanta Lewis

Stage Manager Lauralyn Gibson

Tech Manager Leon Lee

Tech Manager Yining Xie

Welfare Em Leites McPherson

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